Disappeared monuments

Some monuments in Saint-Maixent l'Ecole were demolished during the 20th century, for different reasons. They appear on these postcards as they were before World War 1.  


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L'octroi est une contribution indirecte perçue autrefois par les municipalités à l'importation de marchandises (vin, huile, sucre, café, etc.) sur leur territoire.

The castle

SAINT-MAIXENT - L'Ancien Château détruit pour la construction de l'École militaire.

[Translate to Anglais:] SAINT-MAIXENT - L'Ancien Château détruit pour la construction de l'École militaire.

Publisher : Blanchon

Date : Before 1904 (back undisclosed)

The castle of Saint-Maixent was demolished in 1880 for the construction of the Military academy. It had been built more than 6 centuries before by Louis VIII, in 1224.

It was enclosed by a surrounding wall of 46 m. by 40, flanked by a defensive tower at each corner. Two other towers framed the entrance facing in the city . On the opposite facade, in front of swamp, a large buttress tower dominated the landscape.

The legend attributes the construction of the latter to the fairy Mélusine:

En cel an fist la dame belle
Le bourg et chasteau de Mesle
Après fist Vouvant et Mervent
Et puis la tour de Saint-Maixent 1


(1)  - Mélusine, poem extracted from the Livre de Lusignan ou Roman de Mélusine, writen in the xive century by Couldrette, published in 1854 in Niort, at Robin et Favre. Quoted by J. Foulchier in Saint Maixent ... l'École, on 1989, Saint Jean d'Angély, Bordesoulles.

The clock tower

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Chaigneau hospital

St-MAIXENT. - Hôpital - Hospice

[Translate to Anglais:] St-Maixent. -  Hôpital - Hospice

Publisher : E. Blanchon

Date : 12 march 1906 (postmark)

Overview of the Chaigneau hospital, taken in the axis North-South.

The hospital was closed in 1975 because it would have been too expensive to satisfy new safety and hygiene regulations. He was demolished in 1985, in favour of a recreational park extending to the river  Sèvre.