Existing monuments

Porte Chalon

Saint-Maixent. — Porte Chalon

Date : before 1904 (undisclosed back of the card)

Publisher : H. Guy

Printer : collotype A. Breger Frères, Paris

Collection : Daniel NAUD

The original fortified Chalon gate , all that remained of the city ramparts was destroyed in the 18th century. It was then replaced by an archway flanked  by two square  pavilions  with a balustrade around the roof.

Numerous advertisements can be seen pasted on the walls and covering the notices (houses or grounds to be sold, bids ...).

Nowadays, both pavilions are used to accommodate services. The one on the right, looking from the avenue, is named after Yves SAURAIS (1927-1989), veterinary doctor. It is occupied by the Tourist office.

The south door of the abbey

SAINT-MAIXENT – La Porte de la Caserne Canclaux

Publisher : H. Guy

Date :22nd february 1916 (date of the correspondence)

The listed porch, known under the name of Porte Canclaux, connects the Abbey courtyard with the  rue des Grandes Boucheries, today called rue du 114e Régiment d'infanterie.

Under the cornice , in the central cartouche, is  the date of 1660 which  corresponds to that of the reconstruction of the Abbey.

Above the arch, three blazons represent, to the left the arms of the Benedictines, with one fleur-de-lis, to the right those of the abbey, with one  fleur-de-lis, and in the  center, those of the kingdom of France with three fleur-de-lis.



The Chauray hotel

Saint-Maixent — La Poste

[Translate to Anglais:] Saint-Maixent — La Poste

Publisher : Imp.-Phot. In. Thiriat and H. Basuyau, Toulouse

Date c.1935

The 16th century Chauray mansion was built in 1531 for Pierre PAEN, Lord of Chauray, it is part of the vast domain of Chauray, which extended from the street Chalon to the rue l' Audience. It was bought in 1921 by the city of Saint-Maixent l'Ecole. From this date, and until 1961, it was occupied by the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Administration, as can be seen over the door of a recent construction, today disappeared, as well as the tower holding  the telephone lines. Originally,  the main building was flanked by two half-turrets,  only one of which remains.

Nowadays, the municipal archives occupy the first floor, whereas the ground floor is used for temporary exhibitions.

A page of the site will later be dedicated to the hotel Chauray in the section "History".