Religious monuments

The traveller arriving at Saint-Maixent l'Ecole cannot miss seeing the impressive mass of the Abbey Church with its stone arrow. After visiting the church and abbey, he will come to the crypt of Saint Léger, then the Temple. Pursuing his way, he will be able to admire the small Gothic chapel of Notre-Dame de Grace.

These religious monuments have changed very little during the last century, as can be seen from the old postcards.

L'église abbatiale

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The crypt of Saint-Léger

St MAIXENT (D.-S.). — Crypte de Saint-Léger époque mérovingienne découverte en 1874

[Translate to Anglais:] Crypte de Saint-Léger époque mérovingienne découverte en 1874

Publisher : Furbault
Photographer : Furbault
Date : 1910

The crypt built in the 7th / 8th centuries is perfectly preserved. For a long time forgotten, it was rediscovered in 1875 by  Alfred Richard, archivist of the department of  La Vienne.

At the bottom of a staircase, it is composed of two parallel corridors, a big arched rectangular room of juxtaposed cradle vaults resting on massive pillars.

Besides its historic past, it presents another curiosity : the presence of several graffiti made by American soldiers, with their names and addresses written or engraved. A contingent of 3000 American soldiers stayed at Saint-Maixent from the end of 1917.

Le temple

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Notre-Dame of Grace

St-MAIXENT. - Chapelle de Grâce (XVe siècle)

Publisher : E. Blanchon

Date : On  24th September 1914 (Postmark)

Collection : Daniel NAUD

This chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built by 1460 as an  ex-voto by the first aldermen of the city in commemoration of the granting by Charles VII of the rights of body,  college and city community.

The card published by E. Blanchon in 1910 shows the flamboyant, hIghly decorated façade of  the Chapel. The very sober interior is composed of a single span with a diagonally ribbed vault.

Compared with this photograph, the monument today is unchanged.